All season long our sales department manager has been sending me emails reminding me that despite our wins, Colin Kaepernick's jersey was still the top-selling NFL jersey. Today I saw that Russell Wilson is now the No. 1 selling jersey from the 2013 season (Peyton Manning was No. 2 and Kaepernick No. 3). This is the first time Seattle has led in NFL jersey sales EVER, and three Seahawks athletes are in the top 6!

It doesn't really matter, but it's more icing on the cake and gives us a little more dig power against 49er fans wanting to talk about their five rings.

Wilson was No. 3 as of Dec. 31, so think about how many jerseys were sold in January and February to bring him up to No. 1!

What's even crazier is that Russell Wilson Texas Rangers jerseys are selling like hot cakes! If you don't remember, Texas drafted Wilson (remember that Wilson played baseball before QBing and was even on our very own Tri-Cities Dust Devil roster!) Wilson gets to be on the Rangers team without actually playing a single game.

He sat in the dugout wearing a No. 3 Rangers jersey for a spring season game and was the No. 5 best-selling MLB jersey that week!