Though we haven't gotten to Thanksgiving yet, a lot of Americans are gearing up for Christmas! Though most of us love this glorious time of year, some are a little insane about it. Here's a little quiz to find out if you're Christmas Obsessed

Lets see just how crazy you are about Christmas. Answer the questions below then scroll down for you results. No cheating! (Santa is watching...)

Give yourself one point for each question that applies to you:

I love Christmas in July
I buy presents for next year, the year before
I love Christmas songs
I change my ringtone to a Christmas song during the season
I leave my decorations up for months
I do "Elf on the Shelf"
I shop on Black Friday
I own more than 3 Christmas albums
I put up more than one Christmas tree
I start decorating before Thanksgiving
I go caroling
My kids (or I) get pictures with Santa
I like doing secret Santa at work
I make everyone do secret Santa at work
I know all the words to the 12 Days Of Christmas by heart
I own Christmas socks
I wear red and green pretty much every day of December
I send Christmas cards
I get mad if someone says Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas
I can recite "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" all the way through
I bake or buy cookies to leave for Santa



Unless you don't celebrate Christmas, you're a total Grinchy Scrooge! Maybe try adding a few fun traditions to your Yule time activities. Buy a new Christmas CDs, sparkle up the house, or bust out a goofy Christmas sweater. Join in on the fun; It's virtually painless!

Congrats! You're Christmas Balanced! You know how to celebrate the holiday In style without driving everyone you know insane! You may pick up somethings for next year at sales the year before, or hum Jingle Bells right after Halloween, but all in all you've balanced your love for all things Christmas. You've made Rudolf proud!

16 and above
Well, you really didn't need to take this quiz, did you? You LOVE Christmas! And everyone you know is completely aware of that fact. When you walked into the office wearing that red and green light up sweater as you sang carols on the way to your fake snow-covered desk, On NOV 1, your co-workers were well aware of your affliction! Your enthusiasm, while appreciated at times, can be overwhelming. Don't let your love of all things dec 25 drive others to shy away. Maybe tune it down just a bit, but don't worry you've got a special place in Santa's heart!