While Iggy Azalea may have taken home the crown for the best Halloween costume,  turned a lot of heads with her reveal last night (Oct. 31). She actually wasn't wearing much of a costume... or much of anything at all.

The rapper, who wore the costume to Hot 97's Halloween party, stepped out as a dominatrix police officer, baring lots of skin. Mesh leggings, a thong and pasties were pretty much all of her costume.

 "Officer Minaj. Who wants to get cuffed?" she wrote in a caption on Instagram.

It's possible the outfit could be a bit of a response to Ellen DeGeneres, who poked fun at the head Barb for Halloween by donning the same breast-exposing outfit she wore when she was a guest on her show. Minaj clearly can up the ante.

's costume looks ordinary by comparison, even though it was a pretty good one. The 'Diamonds' singer spent her Halloween in Barbados, where she dressed as a chola zombie, Tommy Hilfiger boxers and chinos included.

Eight of her friends also wore similar zombie-inspired looks. Rihanna's "chola name": "#ShyGirl," according to her Instagram caption.