The Tire Factory Black Widow Mud and Sun Run is coming back on August 2nd for the second year out at Horn Rapids Motorsports Complex. This year I came up with five ideas at our brainstorming meeting that I thought would elevate the quality of the run for both participants and observers but they were rejected. Here they are in all there glory.

1- Dirt Eater - The basic idea is that they have to eat a small cup of mud, or at least pour it in their mouths before they can move on.

2-Mud or Poop - This idea would definitely involve body washing and sanitation after. The basic idea is the runner has to choose if a cup of 'mudlike' material is poop or mud. Get it wrong they have to sit in the poop tub for one minute and try again.

3-Mud Belly Flop Pit - This is probably going to happen someday, just not this year. Pretty self explanatory, a huge pool of mud with a diving board for Mud Belly flops!

4-Gladiator Mud Pit - Advanced runners can opt in for a gladiator experience where a gladiator keeps you from completing obstacles, just like the old show 'American Gladiators'. If that seems too intense, then you could make it one obstacle like a mud pit with the same premise, but I think it should be the whole course.

5-Mud Wrestling - Can't get by an obsticle, you can wrestle in the mud for 5 minutes and then you can pass, but not until you are good and muddy. I also think they should have bleachers at each mud wrestling pit for fans!

Because you can never get enough mud wrestling!

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