Assuming Pinocchio was made of oak and his head weighed nine pounds, scientists have decided he could only have lied 13 times or his head would have completely snapped off.

In the movie, his nose doubles in size each time he lies. Luckily he learns his lesson after 3 lies. But researchers say doubling the one-inch nose 13 times would have created a dowel long enough to snap his wooden neck.

I think this should be used to teach older kids not to lie.

Maybe it's just the sick part of my brain that thinks this is funny, but the idea that if they lie too much their head will fall off, I just find it funny.

I've already used Pinocchio to teach my daughter why she shouldn't lie. She understands about turning into a donkey and the nose growing.

This conversation may REALLY stop her from lying.

It's kind of like when you make that face... and your parents tell you, "Your face is going to freeze like that!" You may not believe them, but something deep inside of you believes it. And it's funny that you won't make that face again!