Miley Cyrus' made history at the 2013 VMA Awards when she performed her hit Can't Stop. The performance included human-sized teddy bears, twerking, and a foam finger. The two-piece nude suit makes the perfect Halloween costume for this upcoming Halloween. Here's how to put the the Miley Cyrus 2013 VMA Awards outfit together!

Miley Cyrus' VMA Awards outfit can be easily made into a Halloween costume. Here's what you need to put the outfit together:

Red Lipstick

You can't forget the famous foam finger!

You can also turn the Miley Cyrus VMA Halloween costume into a couple costume by making your boyfriend or best guy friends dress up as Robin Thicke.

Robin Thicke's Beetlejuice themed outfit at the VMA's is easy to make into a Halloween costume cause it's just a black & white striped tuxedo suit.

Making this outfit is simple. All you need is a black & white striped suit. Saint Laurent carries a classic classic peak satin striped tuxedo jacket for only 2,950

If that's too much to spend to spend on a jacket, you can find a similar suit jacket on ebay for only $40.

The striped pants can also be found on ebay.

If you want to buy the whole outfit aleady put together, Thicke's outfit resembles the same outfit worn by Beetlejuice in Tim Burton's 1988 film.You can find the Beetlejuice costume at almost any Halloween stores.

The Beetlejuice outfit can be found at these Halloween stores: SPIRIT, HalloweenStore, Halloween Express, and Party City. Don't forget to add the gold rimmed aviator glasses!

You can find these at

Your Miley Cyrus 2013 VMA Awards performance Halloween costume is now complete.