The biggest football game of the year is on the way, and odds are your team isn't playing. But that doesn't mean you still can't get into the game! Here are some ways to enjoy the big game even if your team isn't playing.

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    Pick A Side

    Ok, fine, your team didn't even make it to the post season. That doesn't mean you don't like football anymore (at least we hope not). Before the game pick which team you would rather see win, and root for them. No, this doesn't mean you're a traitor to your team, it just means you love the game of football and you want to enjoy the biggest game of the year. I'm not saying go out and buy a bunch of gear, or change teams in general. Just pick a side to win, and cheer them on. The game is more fun if  you're at least remotely into it!

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    Remember, There's Beer!

    If nothing else, the big game is the perfect excuse to drink all day on Sunday (as if you needed one). Think of all the beer, cocktails, food, and fun to be had celebrating the big day. And if you're really sad, you can drown your sorrows in a beverage while your friends cheer for their fave team. Just make sure you have a designated driver or take a cab home. Enjoy the festivities!

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    Half-Time Fun

    One of the best things about the big game is the Half time shows! Not only the entertainment at the game, but all the networks have some kid of Half-Time show (like the Puppy Bowl!). Even if you're not a die-hard sports fan, there's all kinds of good fun on TV that day.

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    DUH, The Commerials!

    Sometimes the best part of the Big Game are those super-creative (super-expensive) commercials! It's really the only time we look forward to commercial breaks!

    Marcelo Poleze
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    The End is the Begining

    Remember, this is the last game of the season which means you have next season to look forward too! A whole new clean slate will begin in just a few months. Then maybe you can be the one gloating when your team makes it all the way next year!