Going down a Tacoma freeway for miles, drivers noticed goo. What is that goo? Is it foam? Some type of insulation? It was beige and sticky, all right, and it kept seeping out of the back of a truck in chunks and clumps the size of basketballs going down Interstate-5.

Courtesy WSP Trooper Brooke Bova

Actually it was glutinous, yeasty bread dough, leftover waste in plastic bags from a bakery, that the driver picked up on a regular basis, taking it to a processing plant where it was to be re-purposed as feed for livestock.

But a hot day, a longer than usual commute, a non-refrigerated rig and a comedy of errors caused the yeast in the bags to rise, splitting them open and rising up to the point of overcoming the confines of the truck.

Courtesy WSP Trooper Brooke Bova

Quite the sight witnessing clumps of flattened bread dough while driving, I'm sure. And since we're on a roll, the dough did not present a hazard for driving and it caused no accidents.

Straight from the Washington State Trooper:

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