Nashville International Airport

A plane crashed on an airport and nobody knew for 7 hours! How does that happen? if you haven't heard about this it will BLOW YOUR MIND. Where it happened is half the scandal. Check it out:

It wasn't some airport in the boonies, it was NASHVILLE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!

Sure it happened in the middle of the night, but the area around the crash was singed so it had been on fire! There's no excuse for how the airport could just not notice!

This is the story: This morning a plane was coming in for a landing and reported to the tower there was singed debris to the side of the runway. Airport personnel investigated and found it to be a single-engine Cessna likely from Canada. They believe it had been in distress and tried an emergency landing at the airport.

That's what I saw today and was like, "How the hell can that happen?"

I put that up there with women who don't know they're pregnant. Airports don't know when a plane crashes on one of their runways and women don't know they're pregnant pushing out babies. It's all sh#t that should not happen.