One of the best ways to tell a Tri-Cities local from a newbie or visitor is in the way we speak. No, we don't have a crazy accent, but we do have a few phrases or things we say that WE get, when others just don't. Here are 5 of the things that a native (or at least you've been here a few years) will get that other folks just don't! Did we miss a few? Add them to the comments!

Boat Races- Two words that invoke memories of hydro boats, drinking, sun burns, drinking, and all the fun that goes along with Boat Races. Oh, along with that is Pasco-side or Kennewick-side! Can't wait for summer!

Kennewick Man- Some people may think they know, but they don't REALLY know!

Richland Bombers- Yes, a high school mascot in our area is INDEED a bomb! It only makes sense if you're from around these parts.

Hike Badger- Yes, we basically one "mountain" and we've all hiked it!

Lazy H- Only those who work around here know what this means. If you're part of the Lazy H, you may know it, but the rest of us do! ;)