Alan Rickman's career spanned over generations. From Die Hard to Harry Potter, his roles will be remembered for even more years to come. I bet you didn't know these quick facts about his legendary career.

  • Rickman initially didn't want to be in Die Hard. Not wanting to be in an action movie, he was won over by the script, in which "every black character was positive and highly intelligent."
  • The scene where Hans and John McClane first encounter each other was not in the original script. Rickman had proven to be so proficient at American accents, it was later added.
  • He did not start acting until he was 28 years old.
  • He dated his wife for 47 years before marrying her in 2012.
  • Kevin Smith cast Rickman in Dogma, after Rickman said he was a fan of Chasing Amy. Jason Mewes (Jay) was so scared of "pissing off that Rickman dude," that he memorized the entire script, not just his own lines.