I have watched Dr Phil probably a hundred times but never enjoyed it as much as watching this video. I am not a huge fan or anything but his show has been on a while and it is usually interesting. One thing I never noticed before was all the time they waste not saying anything on the show. Here is one complete show with all the dialogue edited out and there are a couple of things that struck me.

First, they stare at each other a ton on this show, and it is funny. When I watch just the reactions it kept making me want to laugh even though I could tell the subject matter was serious. Maybe it is just the nervous quietness that makes me laugh, but all I know is that it seems funny to me.

The second thing I learned was how much I could tell was going on from relying on just the reactions. You could tell that the boyfriend was loosing that fight by the reactions of the parents and the daughter and it is obvious his days were numbered.