Sorry to be stereotypical, but there are a couple experiences we all share in common when we leave Tri-Cities and venture out into the world only to realize, we're not like other people.

1. Radioactive toxic waste leaking from WWII-era tanks next to a major river doesn't freak you out... in the slightest.

2. Someone says they're an engineer or have a PhD and instead of being impressed you expect them to say or do something stupid.

3. You don't get what the big fuss over renewable energy is all about.

4. You don't realize A houses, B houses, C houses are not recognizable floor plans anywhere else.

5. You make mole hills into mountains -- literally (Badger Mountain, Candy Mountain, Red Mountain).

6. You equate goat heads with all that is wrong and evil in the world.

7. You think it's funny bridges in other cities have real names.

8. Going to CBC is your only option to say you're going to "college" without moving away.

9. You don't find anything particularly amusing about the name Walla Walla.

10. People say DAMN! and you assume they're talking about hydropower.

Maegan Murray