On Tuesday the WWF or World Wide Fund for Nature Index released a study saying that half of the worlds animal population has disappeared in less then 40 years! What is even more alarming is that the story is buried on all the major news sites and no one seems to care.

I know several people that do not believe in climate change and think that our world is just fine. They believe the amount of stress 7 billion people put on this planet is fine and do not need to change a thing. They believe that science is lying to us and that global warming is another case of 'Chicken Little' or 'the boy that cried wolf'.

The problem is that the average person does not seem to care unless it directly impacts them. The problem with that line of thinking is that by the time we see it effect our lives, it will be too late to change it. Honestly it might already to too late to change it. We may already be doomed because even at the edge of disaster, this story can't be found unless you really look deep on page three.

'Ignorance is bliss!'