The WWE card for Yakima on October 15th is a great one!

Courtesy WWE - Live in Yakima October 15

Keep listening for your chance to score the freebs, you know the drill, call when prompted, be the right number, bag 'em...if it's free it's me....

Getty Images - 30th Annual American Cinema

Bradley Cooper has been offered the starring role in a movie about WWE boss Vince the website made some suggestions about who could play some of the other classic wrestling characters and their choices are actually pretty awesome.

Chris Pratt as Rowdy Roddy Piper, John Cena as Hulk Hogan, Kristin Wiig as Linda McMahon and Rampage Jackson as Mr. T, are some of my favorites suggestions.

Even though it wasn't in the article, I think the Rock, Dwayne Johnson, would be an amazing Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. Probably way too expensive to get him, anyways.

Read for yourself and comment below if you come up with something clever or loopy after some serious turnbuckle treatment....well let me tell ya somethin brother....