You've seen it. The unsightly, empty CREHST site. They've been considering what to do with the area for quite a while, but the wondering may be over soon. There plans to possibly sell the land to a Chicago-based company that would then build a Pike Place Market-style market. The plan calls for indoor retail space and a second floor with office space.

"A yet-to-be finalized proposal calls for the city to sell the site to the Crown Group for $802,214, but it would give the company a $300,000 redevelopment credit.That would include $225,000 to go toward demolition of the CREHST, which closed last year in advance of the opening of the Reach museum, and grading the site.The company would be required to use the remaining $75,000 of the credit for improving Richland’s urban greenbelt trail on its property, including widening it to 12 feet and putting in a 1,600-square-foot public plaza." -Tri-City Herald

What do you think of the plans? Is this a good idea for Richland? Would you go do the market? Or should the city hold out to sell to developers who would pay more money for the site? Share your opinion!