If you haven't seen the season finale of Game of Thrones STOP READING!!


Ok, now that we've gotten that out of the way. OMG! That season finale was LEGIT! So many things happened we wanted to see: Arya Stark slaying Walder Frey, Jon Snow named King in the North, and things are looking VERY up for Dany and her dragons and her MASSIVE army! Though, not gonna like, sad to see Daario not go with her. But the big surprise was definitely Cersei!

Alberto E. Rodriguez

We knew she had tricks up her sleeves, but hot damn, that was insane! With her kids gone, there's nothing to keep her evil in check. So, that means she HAS to go. I was arguing with a friend that Jamie will end up killing her, but he things Arya will fulfill her promise and get the job done. Granted, she could also NOT get killed, but we really think she needs to go. So I put it to you, good people. IF Cersei Lannister gets killed? who do you think will end her?