I sent my summers with my grandmother in LA. The southern California weather is of course, perfect for growing citrus fruit. My grandmother even had lemon and lime trees in her back yard! So when driving around in the City if Angels it made since (sort of) that there were guys at intersections selling bags of oranges for cheap. My grandmother would usually grab a bag and they were some of the best I think to this day I've ever had.

I never saw the"Orange Dudes" (as I named them as a child) outside of California, so imagine my surprise when I saw today in Pasco, a sign for bags of oranges being sold! I had to do a double-take, and, of course, take a photo! What the heck!? What are the "Orange Dudes" doing here? I asked my co-workers and they informed me that it was not unusual at all, they've seen the Orange Dudes for years!

My childhood has been rocked! Not only did I think that the Orange Dudes were only in California, I thought they got the oranges fresh off the orange farms when they got off work! I thought those oranges were fresh and localy picked! They can't be fresh and locally picked around here unless they're apples, or plums or something. So, someone, please help a girl out. Where are these dudes getting their oranges? Why are they so cheap? Should I buy some? Are they safe? I can't be the only one with these questions.