Throughout the years, Facebook has had many different fads: Candy Crush, Year in Review, Facebook Soulmate. The latest one that has probably bombarded your timeline is the "What Will You Look Like in 50 Years?" It's a silly little app really, and not very scientific. It literally just shows you a photo of an old person. The thing I found funny about this "app" is that everyone is white. It makes me wonder how a completely undeveloped app got to be so popular. I mean, it's literally just someone who collected a bunch of stock photos of old people, and assigns one to you at random. What the hell!? I could have made it! (Now I'm upset I didn't.) It apparently is a great concept, since everyone is clicking it, but dude, how hard is it to get photos of Asians, Latinos, Indians, black people, etc.? In the long run it's not a big deal, but it's just so lazy! Ok, rant over. You probably want to do the app now, so here you go. Have fun!