In case you're wondering what Drake's real name is, here it is. Aubrey Drake Graham.


Now I'm a huge Drake fan so I've done a little research on the guy and I knew a few things about him most people don't. Here's 5 things you you didn't know about Drizzy Drake.

5. Drake is only the second artist to have his first two top ten hits in the same week. Both “Best I Ever Had”, and “Every Girl” by Young Money Entertainment entered the top ten charts at positions 3 and 10.

4. Drake was supposed to play a role in the popular video game Gears of War 3 but didn’t because of scheduling conflicts.

3. Drake’s mother is a Jewish Canadian.

2. Drake’s father, Dennis Graham, was a drummer who worked with Jerry Lee Lewis (American rock and roll ,country music singer-songwriter and pianist).

1. Drake has also written for other artists in the industry such as Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx and more. Lil Wayne also claims that he and Drake have both written for Dr. Dre’s Detox album.