Ahh, Portland. Land of rain, beer, coffee, strip clubs and trees. LOTS of trees. Portlanders love the green of their city, but who knew it went this deep!?

Elizabeth Bennett climbed a 50 foot tree where she set up a little perch to try to keep the tree from being cut down. Protesters are hoping to save centuries-old trees to make room for new construction in the neighborhood at Southeast 41st and Clinton Street. Bennett described her reason for protesting to KATU news in Portland.

"I think there are lots of tradeoffs and tough issues Portland is facing right now," Bennett, a professor of international affairs, said. "I think people felt like what they wanted to take on here was preventing huge old trees very much on the edge of a property from being removed for development. It seems like we could have construction and new homes and still leave the trees."

-KATU News

Check out he full interview done while Bennett was STILL in the tree! Now that's dedication!