The hurricane in the Philippines is all I can think about. Winds are blowing at between 100-190 miles per hour with wind gusts in some places up to 235 miles per hour! Watch the videos:

Experts are predicting 90 percent of structures will experience some kind of damage. The storm is a Level 5, which means the United States hasn't experienced something this strong since 1980 -- and 1969 before that!

And as damaged as America was in those years, remember that the Philippines is much less modern and lies closer to sea level.

Rain fall in the mountains is expected to reach 1 foot -- which is enough to trigger massive mud slides. When the Philippines experiences typhoons -- or hurricanes as Americans call them -- the mountain mudslides are what result in the most fatalities.

What would you do if you were there right now? I'd want to bury myself in the ground or something.

I believe America will experience more storms like this in the future. It sounds like gloom and doom, but storms are 10 times stronger now than when I was a kid.

I think we're going to die some day because of a massive hurricane... or zombies.