We all have "that thing" from our childhood that will always hold a special place in our heart and make us feel like children again. For some it's "Power Rangers" or "The Backstreet Boys," for others it might be "Leave It To Beaver" or "The Brady Bunch." One of those things for me is a cartoon show called "Voltron: Defender of the Universe."

Not only was I a fan of the show but I bought all the toys too. I saved my allowance and got my dad to pay the rest to buy the Voltron set with all five Lions. I was lucky to get that toy because soon after I bought mine they became unavailable. I remember all my friends being jealous but I never knew why -- I was the only kid that had the Lion set. My dad never told me why, but apparently the second round of toys that came after had unsafe lead paint and were pulled from shelves. Later versions weren't as cool.

I remember running home from school to watch "Voltron" every day, and then one day it was gone, off the air and I was left with the loss. I thought for sure I would see it in re-runs someday, but the only thing that later was the "vehicle" Voltron that was stupid. For us, Voltron was always about the five robot lions.

Fast forward more than 25 years, I am walking through Best Buy and noticed a blue Voltron lion head from way down the isle. I honestly could not believe it and bought it instantly. Over the next year they released the rest of the Voltron series on DVD and I bought them all.
But everything I thought I knew about Voltron was about to change.
I remember seeing a commercial a few years ago with clips of Voltron -- but it was really violent. It turns out that that is where the show Voltron originated from! It's from a violent Japanese cartoon called Beast King-GoLion. The guy in the video below explains the difference between the two cartoons -- just watch for examples -- but trust me, it is different. Besides the obvious violence, most of the story differs as well. I have seen only 15 of 52 episodes but so far I love GoLion so much more then Voltron!

Finding something that I though was lost from my past was great, but learning it was actually something completely different is even more fun. It is like tasting waxy chocolate and then discovering what real chocolate tastes like and realizes you had no idea all these years -- and now it is your new favorite thing. I am putting the whole first episode of GoLion below if you want to watch the series. I warn you, it is for mature audiences only. NSFW!