Instead of spending a chilling time at Times Square or getting down in Vegas on New Year's Eve, Usher decided to do something a bit more exotic and headed to Morocco for the holiday.

According to his Instagram account, the singer and 'Voice' judge has been in the country since Dec. 27. From exploring the local markets and neighborhoods to having a conversation with a snake, Usher took in the sights, sounds and culture. Perhaps one of the highlights was venturing into the Sahara and sleeping under stars -- a once in a lifetime moment that he'll never forget.

"Slept in the Sahara… Check," he wrote in a caption and posted several photos that showed him bundled up, riding a camel and even the camp he was going to stay in that night.

Luckily for us, Usher was nice enough to share the experience so we can live vicariously through him and imagine warmer temperatures during the winter season.

Check out the photos and videos from Usher's trip to Morocco below.