Earlier this week a dozen exotic cars were busted screaming across the state at 100mph+ on I-90, one Lamborghini was impounded because of violations in both Kittitas and Grant counties.

This story is the polar opposite.

Behold the getaway vehicle of one, Jesus M. Luevanos, a 34-year old transient.

KPD "Getaway" Minibike

Top speed of this baby, 30mph. I strongly believe a Kennewick Police cruiser can match and pass that top speed, so it didn't take long for him (Jesus) to figure that out and give it up.

The KPD just wanted to have a conversation about Jesus' lack of helmet, plus no mirrors or lights on the "ride" so it's not street legal to travel on Fourth Avenue and Rainier Street, or any other bi-way in the Columbia Basin.

Maybe the reason for the poor choice to flee stems from a recovered bayonet-style knife concealed on his person when searched by the KPD.

KPD Minibike Recovery

A weapons charge and a citation for failure to obey a police officer got Jesus cuffed and given a 30mph ride to jail.