This weekend I made my first attempt at pancake art and I think it went pretty good. There are a few things I learned from my attempts that will help you. Pancake art looks complicated but as long as you can draw a little bit, you can make some really cool pancakes.

The first problem I encountered was the batter getting clogged in my squeeze bottle. In order to get fine lines when you are drawing, you have to use a bottle with a narrow end. I found some squeeze bottles at Walmart for really cheap and they work great except fro clogging up. Make sure your batter is mixed thoroughly before you start and make it just a little thinner then usual. It also helps if you let the batter sit for about 15 or 20 minutes before you draw.

The last tip I have is to make sure your grill is hot enough. It should be just slightly higher in temperature then normal, just try cooking one or two and adjust from there. Make your darker design first and wait until it has bubbled and turned completely solid and then pour your second layer. Make sure you only let the second layer just bubble up and then flip it after about 20 seconds so the contrast in your art is strong.

Hope this helps, I am going to make a video after I get a little practice.