I have been driving between Seattle and home a lot lately and I have noticed some places you want to watch out for speed traps. First let me first say it is wrong to break any speed limits, and I only mention these spots so you remember to check your speed when you drive by. Also, you could encounter police anywhere so drive safe, but I almost always see them in these 5 or 6 places every time.

1-Overpasses right out of town--There are a group of 3 or 4 overpasses that used to be a bad place for speed traps. They would sit over the freeway exits and use laser which gives you no warning even if you have a detector.

2-Right as you get into Yakima and it turns to 60 miles an hour, watch out because there are almost always cops there. Just go the speed limit, they hide pretty good.

3-You are pretty safe until you reach Ellensburg. There is usually at least one right before and another couple of police about 5 miles past.

4-Just after any construction zone while traveling in the pass will have speed traps on either side. Right now, that location is on top near the huge lake where the blasting is going on.

5-Right before you enter Seattle there is a dip with a section that has a turn around, there is almost always a State Patrol there. It is right before you come down the hill into Seattle. The only ticket I ever got on the way to Seattle was in this spot. They get you right as your going over the hill.

Hope this helps!