So there's not many people who know the story about how I got into radio and how I got on the air. Thought it'd be fun to share the story because believe it or not, I did not want and refused to get on the air when I started working in radio. In fact, I was literally forced to get behind a mic. Even more surprising, when I started my job in radio I was a quiet reserved 'good girl' who didn't really talk much to new people, plus I was only 17 years old, I'm 22 now, and it was my very first job. A good friend of mine was on the air at the time working with Aj and he managed to land me a job there. Didn't take very long after I started working there to fall in love with it as you could imagine. But mind you, I was definitely far more shy than what I was outgoing so when I was asked by co-workers what I thought about me getting on the air, the idea sounded crazy to me. The idea scared me.  Especially because I was working with the number 1 station(at the time;), I grew up listening to that station and all my friends would hear me and I really never believed I could do it. So one day, you guys know him by Dj Sco, came up to me and said "Leah you're going to record a commercial with me for Out and About". I said "no I'm not'. He looks over at me says "I wasn't asking, you're going to record that commercial with me, come on let's go".  It was my first time getting behind a mic, I was so nervous. Any who, we finish up the commercial and I go about my day. A week or so passed and I'm sitting in one of the studios minding my business and out of no where the door flings open and Aj walks in, looks at me and says, "you're going to get on the radio, I don't care what you say! Got it?!". The only thing I could come up with to say back was "ok", because not going to lie, I was a little scared at the moment haha. I remember he kind of gave me a confused look like he was expecting a completely different response because of how much I had refused it in the past. So a couple weeks later they got me involved with, believe it or not, our country station at the time which was way out of my comfort zone. I had a Sunday show that ran for a bout 4 hours, and little by little over time I got more and more comfortable. One day Aj calls me and asked me if I wanted to do overnights on his station which was Power. By then, I was really enjoying being on the radio, I had gotten a little comfortable. I fell in love quickly and I've stuck with it since. Radio has been more than just a job for me, I learned a lot about myself, I proved myself wrong many times and I did things I never thought I could do, like talking live on the radio, or speaking in front of crowds. Today I feel like a completely different person, and I can't be mad at that. I honestly have Aj to thank for the opportunity, he believed in me when I didn't and pushed me past the limits I had set for myself. There was a time I was literally in tears because Aj was making me talk during intermission at the Tri-City Americans hockey game all by myself haha I'll never forget it. I finally got out there and did it though. I would not go back and change anything, I couldn't have asked for a better boss or a better friend! It's honestly been a privilege working for him! Ok no more mushy-ness haha. So that's pretty much my radio story.