It's the holidays. You're single. Most of the time being single isn't THAT big a deal, but this time of year it seems there is extra pressure to be part of a pair: colder nights, holiday parties, family gatherings, gift giving. These things are a lot more fun with a special someone to share them with. But you're on your own. So, do you hibernate for two months, or can you enjoy this season solo? Here's how to HAPPILY get through the "Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" as a single girl (without hibernating)!

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    Deck The Halls

    Feeling down? Spruce up your place! Literally! Get a tree, hang lights and stockings, and do it all while sipping some hot cocoa and bopping along to some holiday tunes! This little activity will make your spirits bright (and give you an excuse to buy scented candles)!

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    She's Crafty

    Keep yourself busy by learning a new craft or skill. Baking, cooking, knitting all keep your hands (and mind) busy. It's a great way to focus, have fun, and you can get some hand-crafted gifts out of it, or please everyone with a new holiday recipe. If you're baking, don't worry about extra pounds. Bring your treats to the office, and they'll get eaten (I speak from experience.)

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    Rock Around the Christmas Tree

    Party. I mean it! Accept all holiday party invitations. Get out and have a great time. Dust off that little black dress and take it on the town. No party invites? Host a party. You're probably not the only single person you know, and married, or coupled folks like to have a good time too! Dance your jingle blues away!

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    Sometimes, you just need a cocktail, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not saying get sloppy drunk-call-your-ex-cry-to-your-friends drunk, but remember to treat yourself. If you don't drink, still make some fun holiday concoctions. It's a great way to be creative and reward yourself for just being awesome (because you are)!


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    Play Catch Up

    I bet you can think of at least 3 movies or TV shows you need to catch up on or you're dying to see. Grab one of those cocktails you just made, some popcorn, and curl up on the couch with Netflix. Or bundle up, and head out to a movie. Take time for you, and your imaginary boyfriends you've been neglecting.

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    Shop Till Ya Drop

    A little retail therapy can go a LONG way! Plus, with all the sales this time a year, it seems silly NOT to shop! Help yourself and the economy, and get out there and buy stuff. Obviously, stay with in your budget, the only thing worse than being single, is being single and broke! But mall walking is good for your booty, and sometimes you just need that pair of glittery pumps. It's your money, you earned it, you deserve to enjoy it. And hey, you're single, so you have one less person to buy gifts for! Spend away, girlfriend!

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    Yes, you don't have a man. BOO HOO. I've found that when I feel bad about things I don't have it helps to concentrate on those who have even less. Get out and volunteer! This time of year there are a million ways to help someone else. And this could continue in to a year round way to assist your fellow man. It's better for you, and it's better for your community. Google 'volunteer' right now, and you'll get pages of ways you can make a difference in your area.

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    Be Prepared

    Ok, so chances are you're going to have to go to a work or family party where at least one nosy body will ask about your love life. Be prepared to answer these questions in three ways: be brief, be honest, be confident. Don't feel like you have to justify your life, and by being brief and confident with your answers you give them no where to go with their interrogation.

    (PS I couldn't find a photo that represented 'being prepared,' so I chose this vintage photo of my mommy. Isn't she a hottie!?)

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    GET OUT!

    Though you'll be tempted (especially if you're recently gone through a recent breakup), GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. Yes, sometimes we need to stay in and regroup, but make sure you aren't home ALL the time. See a film, go ice skating, visit friends, shop, sit at Starbucks with a good book, or your laptop. Just be out in some way. And for the more adventurous, take a trip! Traveling alone is easier and safer than ever. Go on  cruise, road trip, or day trip somewhere. You can even book travel for singles. Just don't be a sad home body all the time. You don't need to be on someone's arm to be out and about. Embrace your independence.

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    Counting Your Blessings

    Sounds corny, but it's actually a great way to get perspective. You have so much to be grateful for. When we're single (or down in some way) a lot of times we focus on the negatives. But odds are there are a lot of things you have going for you, if nothing else than internet access to read this wonderful blog! ;) Making a mental or written inventory of the good things in your life will help lift you up.

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    Cuddle Your Fuzzy Friends

    You know who can provide unconditional love no matter what? Yes, your mom, but also your pets! Your furry buddies are there for companionship, love, and fun! Remember that simply hanging with your fuzzy buddy is not only good to lift your spirits but studies have shown they're better for our health too! So, grab your kitty, dog, hamster who whoever you've got and enjoy some quality time. (I've heard cats love watching Netflix....)

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    Safety In Numbers

    Get together with your people! Don't spend your time feeling like you have no one who cares just because you don't have a significant other. Chances are there are tons of people who would LOVE to see you. Sure you don't have a boyfriend, but really, that's just one person you don't have compared to all the people you do! Call a buddy or five! They'll help you get though this season, after all, they love you!