Henryk Sadura

Germs are everywhere. I'm about to make you sick, but before I do I want to remind you there is only so much you can do.

Fecal matter has been found on many things we use daily.

The toothbrush is probably one of the most disgusting places to discover fecal matter. A study done by Quinnipiac University found that 60 percent of students who used a communal bathroom had tooth brushes with fecal matter on them. This could also be true of any bathroom you share.

The ADA recommends you not share toothbrushes, rinse after each use, store in an upright position out in the open air and change every 3-4 months. Covering your toothbrush will actually create an environment where bacteria can grow more easily.

Your phone is also a major germ magnet, and how many times a day do you touch your phone and then perhaps eat or stick your hands in your mouth for some reason? Fecal matter is most likely found on your phone if you don’t properly wash your hands after using the bathroom, or if you take your phone with you into the bathroom.

And the most recent popular place to find fecal matter is your very own face, specifically a man’s beard. Although bacteria similar to that found in poop has been found in beards, it does not mean you actually have fecal matter in your beard. You should wash your face, including your beard, thoroughly since this is an easy place for things to get caught.

Overall, it is important to practice proper hygiene in every situation so that you don’t spread germs unnecessarily. Washing both hands fully (fingernails, wrists, between fingers, etc) for 20 seconds (the length of time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday") will make a huge difference in lessening the spread of germs.