I used to love the Oscars: the fashion, the drama, the stars, the ceremony. I used to be in love with Hollywood. Maybe that was a childhood thing, or maybe the glitz is really gone. The Academy Awards have been under scrutiny a LOT the past few years, and maybe that has taken some wind out of its sails. Or maybe, they just have sucked. Either way, with all this talk of boycotts and other issues with the awards, it really finally occurred to me that it really doesn't matter.

The true "Best Picture" is the one that means the most to the viewer. US! So I decided that WE should vote for which movie we loved the most and boycott the Oscars not due to lack of diversity (though that is a shame), but because it's just rich people celebrating themselves and making themselves richer. It's about money and campaigning, not achievement.

(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

So, let's vote on which movie we loved the most and leave Hollywood to pat themselves on the back. What matters is how a movie makes you feel, how it inspires or awakens you, how it reminded you of something you forgot, or opened your eyes to something new. Or hey, maybe your favorite film just gave you a break from the daily grind and made you laugh. That to me is what a "Best Picture" is. Take a vote and see if your fave is the fave of others too. Whether you watch he Oscars or not, what matters to you is what matters the most.