When I first heard about this story, I hoped that it was fake. Now we are realizing that it probably is all a hoax. Leah and I even talked about this story on our morning show, a little girl getting asked to leave by a KFC manager because the scars on her face were scaring customers. Now the Clarion-Ledger is claiming they have sources that say it is all a hoax.

The family has received over $135,000.00 in donations as well as free gifts and surgery expenses covered. The Clarion-Ledger states that a spokesperson for KFC is saying that there is no evidence that the incident ever happened. There seems to be a lot of proof that it never happened, first the store the claimed it happened at has been closed for years and there is no video footage anyone of that description in either stores close to the location. The evidence seems to point to the girls family making it all up so they could raise some money for the girls reconstructive surgery.

I don't think the girl should be punished and that she should still get the surgery's that she greatly needs, but the family that is responsible should be held to the fullest extent of the law.