My daughter is almost six years old and is afraid of McDonald's after an incident that happened this weekend. My kids were staying with their grandparents for a day and took them out to eat on the way home to McDonald's. My daughter asked to go to the bathroom to go wash her hands but got confused on which door was the girls and accidentally went into the employee area.

I don't think anything happened "behind the door" but she sure thinks she did something bad. After asking her a few questions she says, she heard "an alarm beeping" (probably the cookers) and "they KNEW SHE WAS THERE"! I asked her if anyone saw her and she says "no, she got out of there fast." She is very adamant that she never wants to go back.

It is like she feels she robbed a bank or something and just wants to hide from all McDonald's. When dropping her off for school this morning she says "Dad, just act natural when we get to school". I answered, "Don't worry honey, I will".