The 90s were a crazy time: the economy was good, the fashion was chill, and MTV still played music videos! I know, MTV playing videos!? NUTTY!! I was checking out a video to remind a friend of mine that Keanu Reeves was in fact in that Paula Abdul video, then it reminded me of several other videos that I forgot I LOVED. Take a look, I'm sure you loved them too. Or if you're too young to remember, you'll fall in love now. I promise!

Keanu was so dreamy in this homage to "Rebel Without a Cause"

Shanice was so cute. Wish she would have had more hits!

Nelson, the Hair Band you forgot you loved!! Sexiest twins of the 90s, if you ask me!

Brandy, was the BOMB!

Inspired by Beverly Hills, 90210 (remember Ray?)