Pasco coaches are paid by the athletic association so the teams are allowed to practice and play during the teacher strike. But the marching band isn't allowed to perform at half time, so they're taking matters into their own hands.

The Pasco and Chiawana high school bands are rehearsing without their instructors to be ready for competitions in October.

The marching band season is short even though band class goes all year. If the kids aren't prepared for their competitions they miss out on opportunities that come once in a lifetime.

Marching bands have a student leader called a drum major, then section leaders over percussion, woodwinds, brass, etc. Sometimes they have squad leaders over just the trumpets or just the flutes. These student leaders are able to stay organized and lead the bands through rehearsals.

But they can't learn new material or receive instruction on how to improve.

According to KEPR TV, other students are worried about dances and tests. Homecoming could be cancelled if the strike isn't resolved soon. The students have lost a week preparing for AP tests and standardized tests. If the strike goes on a month, the kids will sit down for their tests a month behind peers in other districts.