I consider myself a good guy, and I like to be involved in a lot of charities. I make donations to the poor. I donate a dollar at Pet Smart to buy dog food. A little while ago I donated blood to the American Red Cross -- what happened next surprised me.Since I donated, they will not stop calling me to come back. I think it's because I have a rare blood type. At first I was nice. But now I'm just ignoring their calls. They have literally called me 20 times in the past two weeks -- I can show you my phone. I've even changed their contact name to "Bloodsucker" in my phone.

It's making me feel angry about it because I should want to help them; I should want to give blood, but they're making me not want to give blood ever again.

Sure, it's a great organization that helps save millions of lives a year, and I get that. That's part of why I went and donated blood. Does this make me a bad person? Should I just suck it up and go once a week like they want me to?