When you are new to a place you notice things that people who live there may or may not think are strange, or they've just gotten used to them. I've been living here for almost three months now, and it's been great so far. However, there are some strange things that are a bit odd.  Here are the 5 strangest things I've noticed about the Tri-Cities.... so far....

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    WHAT THE HECK!? When I first got here, I didn't know weather to go around them, or smoosh them. I've been told to run them down with a vengeance, but it's so weird to have them just bouncing around in the streets. I feel like a old west duel is about to begin every time I see one.

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    What is this, Europe? Seriously, I haven't seen this many roudabouts since France. Not sure why the city planners decided to have so many, but they are not the most common road structures in the US. Or at least anywhere I've loved. So, sorry if I've cut you off or got stuck going around them a few times. I'll get the hang of them soon....

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    No Traffic

    This is a welcome weirdness. It boggles my mind that I can get everywhere I need to go in 20 minutes or less. Coming from Portland, Seattle, and San Jose, I still think I need to check traffic before I leave the house. I don't, and that's AWESOME!!!

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    Richland HS Bombers

    I've seen a lot of mascots in my day, but the Bombers take the cake s being the fiercest. I mean, how can you compete against a BOMB!? You can't! So well played, Richland, you win everything.

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    The Wind

    I'm told that the wind I've experienced up until now (I moved here in November) is NOTHING compared to how insane it can get. Where is it coming from? Why is it here? How do children and cats not got missing by the hundreds every year? ( I actually Googled all of those). It's pretty crazy, but I'm ready to batten down the hatches!