You Can Now Communicate With Most Prisoners Online!
Remember pen pals? Remember when a stamp could send your feelings across the world, how meaningful and rewarding writing an actual letter was? With today's technology and high-speed EVERYTHING, written letters are more and more of a dying trend -- even behind prison walls...
Why Twitter Is Now Better Than Facebook
Facebook has become more and more a one-direction medium. It's where people throw trophies from their life in front of you and scream, hey, look at me. Look at how cool I am.
Kyle Ayers #RoofBreakUp Tweet T-Shirts Too Cool to Be True!
A New Yorker named Kyle Ayers was enjoying the view on his roof when a couple came up "for privacy" and proceeded to have a big fight. Annoyed, he decided the Tweet the whole affair. His Tweets are now making people laugh across the country and I found a company selling the best li…