Dancing Could Be the Answer to Your Problems
Dancing really means participating in tons of different ways of moving your body in a rhythmic way. Different types of dances give you a different workout depending on the intensity. The type of workout that you get depends on how hard your heart is working. The higher your heart rate the better the…
5 Things That Make Me Want To Cheat
As some of you know, I've been in the gym the last few months getting summer ready. I've decided to start another 30-day abs challenge today to really reach my goal. This means back to serious clean eating and only water. I don't mind the clean eating, but Sunday's are a must che…
Update on My 30-Day Abs Challenge [PHOTO]
Do you remember when I started my 30 day ab challenge? I told myself I wouldn't take a progress picture until day 30 but it's day 22, I've gotten a little impatient wanting to see how far I've come so here it is.