T.I and Floyd Mayweather Jr were involved in a brawl in Las Vegas ! Who do you think won?! Though you can't really see who won the fight in the video, if we look at the facts to try to figure out who would win the fight between T.I and Floyd, I think Floyd, too! I know T.I has been known for getting into brawls lately with police officers and security, I suppose that makes him a fighter. But let's not forget that Floyd Mayweather is a 5 -division world champion! He's won 8 titles and is currently undefeated in his career. Not to mention his conditioning is outstanding. What is T.I thinking?! First he thinks he can outfight the LAPD and now a professional, world champion boxer. Now I know he had reason to, rumor is that Mayweather made a rude remark, but there are other way's to handle a situation rather than violence and voluntarily walking into two intense a** whoppings.