Remember the 1990s when one earring in the ear meant something? Overall straps meant something? Not tying your shoe laces meant something? Red light bulbs, purple triangles and wearing all blue or all red meant something? Well, in Halloween 2014 TEAL PUMPKINS MEAN SOMETHING! You better know what before taking the kids around the block!
For Food Allergy Awareness Week, the Food Allergy Research & Education foundation is encouraging families to give out NON-FOOD treats on Halloween night. These could be bubbles, noise-makers, necklaces, pencils, erasers, tops, buttons and more! If you're willing to hand out non-food treats paint a pumpkin teal for your front porch -- or print out a FARE poster (below) and tape it to your door.

You don't have to do it INSTEAD of candy -- in addition to candy is good enough. If you're willing to perform this service for kids with allergies, get yourself a teal pumpkin!