Stolen vehicle was outfitted with stolen plates (KPD)

Not only is the suspect facing auto theft charges, but possession of a dangerous weapon.

Kennewick Police report that a woman who had called to report her vehicle stolen saw it Tuesday night, driving by. It had been reported taken earlier in the afternoon.

Then just after midnight Wednesday morning, Officers got a tip about where the vehicle was, and that it potentially had stolen license plates on it.

Around 12:30 AM Police swarmed the 200 block of South Anderson Street and located the car. The plates did NOT match the official registration, they'd been stolen from another vehicle.

Kennewick Officers said a man and woman were detained in connection with the theft, and they also found a very old-school weapon inside the vehicle. Used to be 40-50 years ago these were not considered 'that' big a deal, but now brass knuckles are officially classified as a deadly weapon. These ones appear to be plastic-covered metal, but they used to be made of brass...packed more punch.

You don't really see these much anymore (KPD)
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Additional charges may be filed against one or both of the suspects, especially over the stolen license plates. The investigation continues. The victim's vehicle was returned undamaged to it's owner.

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