Squirrels: rats with cute outfits, as Carrie from Sex and the City put it. They have stuck again! No only do they cause countless road accidents each year by diving off trees and power lines into streets, or just dashing across as soon as they see a car coming. But now their attacking us in a new way. The squirrels are after our power! Yesterday, power was down for 45 minutes in Sunnyside, WA due to a squirrel attack!

According to Pacific Power spokesman Tom Gauntt, the squirrel entered a transformer and bumped two wires. He said the repair only needed a replacement fuse. Gauntt said squirrel-caused outages are not common.

“This is rare, but it happens,” he said. “Sometimes the whole transformer is damaged.” -Daily Sun News

First the roads are unsafe, now our Netflix binge sessions are at risk due to squirrels chewing or simply running in to our power lines and transformers! What's next? Thankfully the power was restored and damage repaired. No word on the fate of this rogue squirrel. Hopefully he learned his lesson, but we do hope he's okay.