I love television. I love it! I love turning on my tv and being transported to another place in a world with characters I love. I love getting in to a show so much that the people and places seem real. What I don't love is how the internet has ruined weekely television shows. When TV shows began, you had to watch it right then, or you'd miss out.  Then came re-runs and VCRs. If you missed a show you may have to avoid the water cooler talk at work for a day or two until you could watch it, but the spoilers were fairly easy to avoid.

Then here comes the internet. If you miss a show you have to completely shut out the world until you can see it to avoid it being ruined. For a lot of people this is pretty easy, but when part of your job is to be online (or you're really active on the web) it's nearly impossible to avoid spoilers. Twitter is the biggest culprit. Don't get me wrong I love live Tweeting during a show with thousands of others, but you'd think people would at least TRY to keep the big stuff secret! Nope. I have no such luck. I have yet to watch The Walking Dead mid-season finale, and even though I tried to. to see or hear any spoilers, is already know who dies! No. I'm not going to spoil it for you in case you haven't seen it. But my frustration knows no bounds!

I wish I had the answer for you on how to avoid having your fave shows ruined for you, but alas I don't. This is just a rant. Maybe Facebook and Twitter should have a mute button that filters out certain terms until you're ready for them to come through. Did I just come up with the next amazing app? The Spoiler Alert! Someone please invent this! Do you have a good way to avoid spoilers? Comment below. Help a sister out!