For the past 10 summers 'So You Think You Can Dance' has brought dance in to the lives of dance lovers, and people who didn't even know they were dance lovers until they caught the show. Each year, they gathered dancers from auditions across the nation, to narrow it down to those final 20 who would be on the main show. The show has gone through tweaks and surprises, little bits at a time, but this year they went big. They changed the format to a 'stage vs. street' kind of battle, and they got rid of judge mainstay Mary Murphy. The replacement judges: Paula Abdul and Jason Derulo. While yes. both Abdul and Derulo can dance, Derulo isn't exactly an expert, and Abdul is as annoying as she was on American Idol. And Jason is doubling as musical guest and judge?! I feel like this season is all about him! BORING. But hey, last night's performance was pretty good. Check it out below. My tip for the show, though: focus on the dancers, not Derulo.