If you're not familiar with Uber, it's called a "ride sharing" program but it's more like an amateur taxi service. Uber says it's just a website that coordinates people who want a ride with people willing to provide it... for a fee. It's hugely popular, and controversial, in big cities. Should it come to Tri-Cities?

Eugene, Oregon, just sued Uber for not registering as a local business. Uber says it doesn't need to because it's just a website. The people in Eugene providing rides are independent contractors. They need to register locally, not the website.

Big cities hate Uber because it competes with official taxi services that follow strict safety and environmental regulations and reliably pay taxes. It's easy for part-time independent contractors to hide their income from the city. That's why cities want Uber to be responsible for taxes and safety compliance.

Faith Martin tried Uber in Seattle and LOVED IT! People say it's incredibly convenient and usually cheaper than regular taxis.