A recent news story says Minneapolis police officers will start wearing body cameras (probably in their sunglasses) soon -- and eventually the entire department will have them. This is to cut down on the $8 million the city spent last year in lawsuits against the department for misconduct. City officials say the cameras will protect the citizens from abuse of power and protect the officers from frivolous accusations. It also sounds a lot like Big Brother. What do you think?

Everybody has seen Youtube videos of officers acting heroically, and gentlemanly and questionably. They are heroes, but they're also humans. For their sake, I think the cameras are a good idea.

But people are spying on us through laptop cameras, security cameras are everywhere and now we know the NSA is tapping our phone communications. How many more ways do we need to be monitored? Police drones almost started in Seattle. For the sake of privacy, I think this is a bad idea.

What do you think?