In 2012 Tri-Cities was named the 9th fattest community in America. Statewide obesity rates have doubled in 20 years. But when I go to the mall or the fair we don't LOOK fatter than anywhere else! It's because it depends... on where you work!!!

A survey of more than 88,000 Washingtonians led researchers to believe occupations have a big impact on obesity levels, leading them to conclude work-based health programs could be an effective solution.

The five professions most likely to be obese in Washington are:

  1. Truck Drives
  2. Transportation and material moving workers
  3. Protective services
  4. Cleaning and building services
  5. Mechanics and repair professionals

The five most healthy professionals:

  1. Health diagnosing occupations
  2. Natural scientists and social scientists
  3. College and university educators
  4. Health assessment & treating
  5. Other professional specialties

Registered nurses are the most likely to be eating the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. Mechanics and repair professionals are the least likely. Truck drivers are the most likely to smoke.

In summary, about 25 percent of Washington workers are obese, with less-educated older men being the most likely to be obese.