A band was forced to change venue in Seattle because of the local outrage about the bands name. Normally when you think of Seattle, you think of open minded liberal people and that is why this story surprised me. They are an Australian punk band named Cuntz, and their name caused womans rights activists to speak up enough that the venue canceled the show. Reports say the bands manager responded with a tweet "The Cuntz show in Seattle has been cancelled because of their name. I’m so disgusted right now."

The person that originally booked the show also released a statement saying "It’s not up to me to decide what is and isn’t offensive to folks, but I do feel like it’s my responsibly to listen to the voices of my friends, peers and fellow musicians who have been upset by me booking a band called Cuntz. I decide to stand with my lady friends and feminist friends on this issue." He contunued "Apologies to folks who have been hurt and/or offended by this show. This is NOT the kind of thing I want DASWASUPGIG to represent and I admit to having rolled the dice when I should have just said 'no thanks'."