I took my daughter and son to see "Rio 2" this weekend. My son is only 4 months old and he did really well. My daughter loved it. Me? "Meh."

Nigel's character was kind of whack. He's the bad guy in the first one -- and a great bad guy. In the sequel he's just kind of crazy and his plot doesn't make sense.

Rio was one of my favorite kid shows. The first movie my daughter gravitated toward. We watched it 100 million times. The second just fell short of the greatness of the first one. Kid movies are supposed to be predictable, but HOLY COW. All the things you loved about the first one are in the second. Great music, same characters... they stick to the tried-and-true, but it's just not as funny. It's like hearing a joke for the second or third time. I guess it could have been slightly more original.

My son didn't cry -- he watched the whole movie. That alone is enough to justify going! My daughter loved it. I just liked it.